Fly og helikopter JetA1 og 100LL

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Fuel Proof static aviation fuel tanks, available in capacities from 990 to 2300 litres
Ideally suited to small-to-medium scale refuelling applications, such as airfields and flying clubs.

The tanks are available with ADR approval, meaning they can be used to transport Avgas on the highway in the UK and Europe. This option gives you more flexibility on when and where you can refuel. They are also suitable for use with both Avgas and Jet A-1.
​Available in:
  • 990L
  • 1600L
  • 2000L
  • 2300L
Key features:
  • 110% bunded with stainless steel inner tank
  • Tough stainless steel construction throughout
  • Fully compliant with current regulations
  • Suitable for use with Avgas and Jet A-1
  • Built in accordance with CAA guidelines for aircraft re-fuelling equipment
  • High security specification
  • Industry leading warranty  

Full specification:
  • Tough, fully baffled stainless steel inner tank
  • Stainless steel outer construc on incorporating roll over protection
  • Lockable cabinet with roller shutter door for access to fuel dispensing and filtration equipment
  • Lockable door for easy access to pumping equipment
  • Tough galvanised tubular steel frame with integral forklift pockets
  • Rotary tank contents gauge
  • Earth bonding reel with controlled retraction
  • Quick release manway for inspection with pressure vacuum
  • Full ADR tanker approval and certification