500 Litre Highway Tow Diesel Bowser


UN Approved Highway Tow Bunded Diesel Bowser


The industry standard for transporting fuel on the highway.

  • UN approved for transporting diesel on the highway
  • Fully compliant with current environmental regulations
  • Steel tank and heavy-duty galvanised tubular steel chassis makes these units the strongest and most durable on the market
  • Galvanised mudguards for strength and durability
  • Secure lockable door with anti-vandal padlock cover
  • High quality running gear for years of trouble free service
  • 10 year tank warranty for peace of mind
Standard specification:
  • 1" check valve
  • ½" pressure relief valve
  • 2" fill point
  • 3" splash fill point
  • ½" generator feed and return connections
  • Rotary fuel contents gauge

Optional extras:
  • GPI HP-100 high flow hand operated pump
  • 4m x ¾" fuel dispensing hose
  • Fuel particle filter with removable element
  • Manual fuel dispensing trigger
  • 12V 50 Litre/min electric pump
  • 12V 85 Litre/min electric pump
  • 230V 56 Litre/min electric pump
  • 230V 72 Litre/min electric pump
  • 12V battery and carrier
  • High flow particle filter
  • 3 digit mechanical flow meter
  • Automatic shut-off trigger
Technical Information:
Length: 2916mm
Width: 1744mm
Height: 1494mm
Empty weight: 645kg
Full weight: 1080kg
Max. hose length: 6m*
Steel thickness (inner tank): 3mm
Steel thickness (outer tank): 3mm
* Extended cabinet option is available if longer hose length is required