1000 Litre Forestry Spec Fuelstore


1000 Litre Forestry Spec Fuelstore Bunded Diesel Tank


Super tough diesel tanks adapted for use in forestry & agriculture.

Our range of forestry specific bunded diesel tanks includes a host of innovative features tailored specifically to forestry and related applications. Constructed from steel throughout as with all Fuel Proof equipment, these units provide an extremely safe and secure solution for storing fuel. Features include a low ground pressure galvanised steel base with integral forklift pockets, heavy duty grab handle with steel bash guard, plus a drum store (1000 litre model only).
  • All-steel construction for unbeatable strength and durability
  • 110% bunded and fully compliant with current environmental regulations
  • Galvanised steel base with low ground pressure design and forklift pockets
  • Heavy duty grab handle for lifting and moving tank with timber grabs
  • Plastic protector tubes (optional) when lifting with harvesting head blades
  • Bash guard to provide additional protection to top of tank
  • Lockable fuel dispensing cabinet with fold down door and anti-vandal cover
  • Drum store with mesh floor and storage shelves (1000 litre model only)
  • Available with a range of dispensing equipment to suit your requirements
  • 10 year tank warranty for peace of mind
Standard specification:
  • 1" check valve
  • ½" pressure relief valve
  • 2" fill point
  • 3" splash fill point
  • ½" generator feed and return connections
  • Rotary fuel contents gauge
  • GPI HP-100 high flow hand operated pump
  • 4m x ¾" fuel dispensing hose
  • Fuel particle filter with removable element
  • Manual fuel dispensing trigger

Optional extras:
  • 12V 50 Litre/min electric pump
  • 12V 85 Litre/min electric pump
  • 230V 56 Litre/min electric pump
  • 230V 72 Litre/min electric pump
  • 12V battery and carrier
  • High flow particle filter
  • 3 digit mechanical flow meter
  • Automatic shut-off trigger
Technical Information:
Length: 1930mm
Width: 1388mm
Height: 2115mm
Empty weight: 740kg
Full weight: 1540kg
Max. hose length: 6m
Steel thickness (inner tank): 3&4mm
Steel thickness (outer tank): 3&4mm
Note: Extended cabinet option is available if longer hose length is required.