Manubal® V7000

only for T417 and T418 loaders

MANUBAL V7000 (weight: 760 kg)

Additional lower tine (Ø40 x 1000 mm useful length)
(5 lower tines can be fitted)

MACH 2 NS plug

For round bales of Ø 0.90 to Ø 1.80 m or square bales (double kinematics)
Synchronized opening/closing of the claws as standard
Very big grab with 14 tines (height 2.55 m)
Handle 3 round bales or 4 square bales at the same time
3 forged lower tines and (Ø 40 x 1000 useful length) articulated as standard, outer distance 1700 mm
Bumper on top of the Manubal to push the bales
Bolt-on MX or Euro hitching
Optional SPEED-LINK or MACH 2 NS plug