Manubal® V60

for all makes of front loaders performance equal to or higher than MX T406 (loader must have self-levelling)

MANUBAL V60 (weight: 350 kg)

For ease of implementation loader must have 3rd and 4th hydraulic function

Flow restrictor for MX loader (mandatory if loader in service not equipped)

Quick fit wrapped bale kit (Ø 1.10 to Ø1.60 m, 800 kg)
Just a few seconds to fit or remove - no tools required

MACH 2 NS plug


Extra cost for specific hitching

If loader only equipped with a 3rd function

4th function on MX loader

4th function on implement (MANUBAL)
  • For all bales Ø0.90 to Ø1.80 m
  • 6 tines grab (height : 800 mm)
  • Synchronized opening/closing of the claws as standard
  • Double acting tilt and turn ram
  • Lift up to 650 kg with added lift of 2.50 m
  • Hydraulic hoses included
  • Bolt-on MX or Euro hitching
  • Optional SPEED-LINK or MACH 2 NS plug