Manubal® V50

for all makes of front loaders performance equal to or higher than MX A110/U408/U408+/T408/T408+

MANUBAL V50 (weight: 195 kg)

Quick fit wrapped bale kit (Ø 1.10 to Ø 1.60 m, 800 kg); see p. 154
Just a few seconds to fit or remove - no tools required

2 lower tines (Ø 40 x 950 mm working length), adjustable opening; see p. 154

MACH 2 NS plug


Extra cost for specific hitching
  • For round bales of Ø 0.90 to Ø 1.80 m or square bales (double kinematics)
  • Synchronized opening/closing of the claws as standard
  • 2 mast positions, no need to leave the cab (lift up to: 850 mm)
  • 3rd function on the loader is sufficient (no additional spool valve required)
  • Patented locking and unlocking system
  • Bolt-on MX or Euro hitching
  • Optional SPEED-LINK or MACH 2 NS plug